Fascia Intensive & personalized Alignment

Date: Du 03/09/2022 à 08h30 jusqu'au 12/09/2022 à 17h00
Lieu: Shanti Yogi
Enseignant: Anneke Louise (Samarasa Academy)
Qualification de l'enseignant: Certified yoga therapist
Organisateur: Mangon Candice
Coordonnées: 0478544359 - candice@shantiyogi.be - www.shantiyogi.be

Description de l'activité:
This training (60 hrs) is a registered yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)continuing program.
Over 6 days, you 'll explore applied physiology and the functional anatomy of yoga movement. Diving deep into the performance of asanas, you'll learn about correct alignment and how to make adaptations for each body type. You'll also learn about fascia as the body's largest sensory organ, attuning to its importance in functional movement.More info on demand.